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We have grown so used to working with Chiappe’s SAs we’d struggle to cope without them. They truly are an extension of our team. In fact, many of them have worked with us for longer than our permanent staff. They can always be relied upon, are all very experienced, and they have consistently guided us through many potential hurdles. I’d highly recommend Chiappe to other investment banks/brokers looking for an expert, reliable and highly flexible SA resource.

⁠— Head of SAs, bulge-bracket US investment bank

A company that does what it says it does…a team of experienced editors who understand investment research and can add real value for our research analysts, ensuring no errors, and ultimately that our analyst’s investment cases’ stack up. They seem to know just when to intervene, with the minimum of fuss – we’ve found them a vital safety net, saving us both time and money – and best of all, they always seem to be available to turn things around speedily as needed…they’ve never let us down.

⁠— Research Director, large UK Securities firm

Chiappe has provided consistent, high quality, SA support during the exponential growth we have experienced over the past two years. We’ve been extremely impressed with the way they have effectively become an integral part of our success. We could not have achieved all that we have without Chiappe’s support and expert advice.

⁠— Managing Director, US Broker-Dealer

Until we ‘found’ Chiappe, we’d always found investment writing to be among the hardest communication services to buy, with the market so fragmented and frankly, of very variable quality. Their writers combine a passion for financial writing editing with the knowledge and expertise to help our clients communicate their message to their markets as effectively and compliantly as possible – a rare skill indeed.

⁠— Head of Global Marketing, large US Investment Manger

We have worked with Chiappe Editing for almost a decade now, and have always found their editing to be of the highest quality and the firm to be extremely responsive and efficient. Their editors are particularly impressive when working with our mainly non-native English speaking analysts, and in adding value in our bigger, more strategic documents. We briefly experimented with an offshore services firm, but soon realised that was simply not the way to go.

⁠— COO, mid-sized Italian Securities firm, Milan

We’d been looking for a one-stop-shop for all our editing requirements some year ago now, and Chiappe were recommended by a client of ours, as one the only specialist providers that operated both US and Asia business hours, which we needed for our global team. They have more than proved their worth. They took the time to understand our business fully right from the outset so to provide us with precisely the service we need. We have found them to be extremely professional, helpful and efficient, even going one step further and advising us on our Compliance/SA needs, and our research template where they felt it could be improved.

⁠— Head of Research, Global Investment Bank

Since overcoming my initial reluctance to outsource my company’s editing and SA function, I can now report, several years later, that working with Chiappe Financial was one of the best business decisions of my career. The personal service we receive makes us feel like a welcome part of the Chiappe ‘family’. I know that the exceptional work I receive from Chiappe’s editors day-in-day-out is not just ‘business as usual’.

Moreover, their proactive approach to editing and SA’ing quickly catches issues before they can become costly problems. We especially appreciate the sound advice we routinely receive from your editors and SAs.

⁠— Managing Director, Swiss Brokerage

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