Business Editing (Copy editing) & Proofreading

We offer a two-tier approach to improving the quality of your written publications – from base level editing to a more value-added approach…


On an ongoing basis, we edit or proofread your materials prior to publication to ensure perfect spelling, punctuation and consistency, thereby giving documents, presentations and speeches a professional gloss. 

Our proofreading service acts as the final guard against typos, misplaced figure and page numbers, and unruly design templates – anything that could make an otherwise finished piece imperfect.

We also offer a more comprehensive value-added editing service – to ensure all published documents are well-structured, logically argued and perhaps most importantly, communicate to their audience as effectively as possible.

Polishing translated copy from non-native English speakers: We are experienced at getting the best out of copy that has been translated or written by someone whose first language is not English. We ensure clear, easy-to-read content that’s appropriate for its target audience. 


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Why use Chiappe?    

  • We’re expert, reliable, and very experienced.

  • We stick to what we know – we believe we are the only company specialising in the editing of financial materials.

  • We have an in-depth understanding of what is needed.