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Editing & Proofreading

Our dedicated editing and proofreading service is a new service for a growing problem in the financial markets and business generally: the distribution of print and electronic documents containing typos, grammatical and factual errors, inconsistencies, and unsightly production problems that confuse, mislead, and annoy readers to the point of disregard.

As busy professionals everywhere are asked to do more with less – and faster than ever before, reports, presentations, proposals, brochures, manuals, speeches, announcements, web pages, and other important documents go unedited.

We offer a two-tier approach to improving the quality of your written publications, whether they appear on e-mails, the web, or hard copy.

1) On an ongoing basis, we edit or proofread your materials prior to publication. At the base level, we ensure perfect spelling, punctuation and consistency, thereby giving documents, presentations and speeches a professional gloss.

2) And if desired, we offer a more comprehensive editing service – to ensure all published documents are well-structured, logically argued and perhaps most importantly, communicate to their audience as effectively as possible

Our expertise includes the following document types: business reports, articles, brochures, presentations, newsletters, proposals, CV's, and research papers.

Polishing translated copy or texts from non-native English speakers: We are experienced at getting the best out of copy that has been translated or written by someone whose first language is not English. It may make perfect sense but somehow it just doesn’t feel quite right. We will make sure it’s in idiomatic English without losing the meaning, and give the document a professional gloss.

  Our work
  • Work on an ongoing basis for a leading European bank on its monthly newsletter and general marketing literature, including brochures, flyers, conference programmes.
  • Worked with renowned financial magazine IFR on a regular basis helping the publication maintain its reputation for accuracy, excellent writing, and editorial excellence.
  • Worked on the UK’s Financial Times and Daily Telegraph newspapers as an business editor and copy-editor.